Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Much for the Scary Speech

So my husband's been with a Class 1 Railroad for two and a half months. They said he'd be busy all the time. They said he'd never have free time. They said it would be horribly stressful. They said the motels he'd stay at would be terrible. So far none of it has been true. Everything has been better than the railroad said it would be. I imagine they just wanted to discourage the faint of heart and keep only the truly tough people.

So far, he has stayed at motels that are nicer than the ones we stay at on vacation. He has worked a lot. Several times he got the call to go to work in the middle of the night-- true. BUT today is Thanksgiving, and he's been home. I realize it won't always work out this way, there WILL be many special days when he won't be here, but even having him here now was not expected.

So far it is much better than his previous job as a tower climber.

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