Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two More Reasons to Hope

So my husband's been furloughed since early January. He was furloughed from the railroad before he even marked up to conductor- quite discouraging. Last week I was feeling hopeful that he might get back to work because of the Railroad Safety Act of 2008. Today I have more reason to hope. I read on a railroad wives' forum that the summer is traditionally a busier season- so even if the economy is bad, maybe the railroad will enjoy a little nudge this summer. The same poster noted that lots of guys take vacation during the summer. My husband is about 40 out right now on the furlough board. He is in a huge subdivision-- one of the busiest in the country. Maybe enough guys will take vacation to give my husband a little experience. He needs the work. If you're in the same situation, have hope. Maybe things will get a little better for the summer.

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