Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On the Road Again (Almost)

I'm really tired, but I wanted to give a quick update. My husband interviewed with another Class One RR and was hired! He just started training last week in another state. I want to write more details about our unemployment saga, but it's too late. However, I did want to share one important lesson: Even in this recession, SOME Of the Class Ones ARE HIRING. They aren't hiring HUGE NUMBERS, but they are hiring a handful here and there. SO, if you are looking for RR employment, check all of the railroads every single day, because there ARE openings from time to time, and the application window is sometimes short. Make sure your resume and work history are ready. Make SURE you have copies of your tax returns going back seven years-- you may need them as part of the background check. Make SURE your application is PERFECT when you do fill it out-- there's a lot of competition out here. My husband beat out almost a thousand guys (so we hear) to be one of the chosen few selected for an interview. Follow the Boyscout motto: Be PREPARED! You never know when opportunity might strike.

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