Sunday, December 28, 2008

Commuter / Passenger Conductors Should Have First Aid Training

My husband just finished commuter school yesterday. The week of training covered the Americans with Disabilities Act, calculating fares, record keeping, an operating various systems in the cars such as the GPS system that announces the stations (which has to be programmed at the beginning of the day), operating the wheel chair lifts, operating the doors, and dealing with the climate control systems. They got their coin belts, ticket punches, two books of tickets (which they had to sign for). Next week they'll be riding the trains for a week, punching tickets.

I was surprised that they had no first aid training. I think that passenger conductors should definitely have first aid and CPR training. They are dealing with large numbers of people, some of whom are commuting after stressful days at work. I'm surprised that each car isn't equipped with automatic defibrillators. After all, flight attendants are trained in first aid, CPR and using automatic defibrillators. I did a Google search and quickly found a case of a man who dropped dead of a heart attack on a commuter train-- he didn't have time for a train to pull into a station where he could be met by paramedics.

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