Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Irony of Ironies: My Conductor Husband Can't Take the Commuter Train to Work

So my husband is training to be a commuter train conductor. He's also being trained for freight service. He's not sure what he'll be assigned to do. Originally it seemed like he would do a mixture of freight and passenger service. Now it appears he may be called up to do passenger only for quite some time.

Anyway, the ironic thing is this: He just figured out that he probably won't be able to take the commuter train to work! While all the commuter passengers take the train to the city to get to their jobs, my husband won't have time. The reason is that he won't have more than two hours notice that he needs to be at work, and the commuter trains don't run out to our house frequently enough for him to get to the city in that time period. It's actually faster for him to drive! The only reason why it is financially feasible to do this is that he has a free parking spot.

It's Christmas Eve-- he's at school right now. I've gotta run and pick up a few more things for Christmas dinner. This year he'll be home. We'll savor that, because next year (if the economy picks up) he'll be on the road.

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Stephen said...

I wandered over here from dogcaught. Just a note to let you know I've added this and the "Employment Help" to my Google reader.