Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hard Lessons

A few days ago M. Ross Valentine, "Cinderpath," left a comment under my January 21 post. He noted that he had written an article that was published in Trains magazine entitled Hard Lessons, and suggested that my husband read it. Well, my husband happened to have a box of back issues of Trains in the basement that he had purchased second hand at a railroad museum(no, he's not a foamer, yes, he is a railfan-- I am outting him right now, I suppose). Anyway, he pulled it out and read the article for the first time. It was a great article, very well-written, featuring an excellent self-portrait by the author. If you have access to this September 2002 issue, I highly recommend reading this article. It's good stuff. As a matter-of-fact, if Valentine comes back and sees this entry, I would love to ask him if he has the rights to that photo, and if he could give us permission to feature it on this blog. It's a beautiful self-portrait- the lighting is exquisite.

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