Saturday, January 3, 2009

Worried About the Future

It's depressing that my husband is about to be furloughed- just a couple of months shy of getting marked up to conductor. Just when I thought we were going to be able to get medical insurance, the economy tanks. This is depressing.

If the furlough lasts more than a year, the RR may decide to permanently let his whole class go. That's a shame because they've spent about $80,000 recruiting and training every guy in the class.

My husband is going to study his flashcards and notes so that he'll be ready to work if he gets called back.

Even if he DOES get called back, he may have to repeat conductor school- which is frustrating, because he has worked so hard, and usually ties for top scores on everything. He does say, however, that if he gets furloughed for too long, he won't remember much of what he's learned.

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