Saturday, January 24, 2009

Six Guys Just Came Off the Furlough Board!

My husband just noticed today that six guys have left the furlough board and are going back to active duty! Yea! These are guys with seniority, but it does give us more hope that all is not lost. There were about 60 guys furloughed in his division, so six going back is significant.


Garrett said...

I understand what you all are going through I'm currently furloughed here on the BNSF in Galesburg, IL. tough times, wait it out, seniority will increase as time goes by it will get better. I enjoy reading your posts. Take care


Sheri said...

My husband is just finishing his engineering training today. After that he goes back to conductor. Scary thing here is that he only has like 9 people underneath him in if there are any more cuts he will be put on this board where he only works two days a week just to keep our benefits!!